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Location is a key ingredient in buying a home that fits your needs, vision, lifestyle and commute. The area you choose an integral part of deciding where you are going to settle down and establish roots, it is much more complex than simply triangulating a location on a map. Finding a home within a comfortable commute proximity, in a neighborhood that feels comfortable for your lifestyle and meets the criteria of schools and budget is no easy task but one that will ensure that you are satisfied with your purchase in the long run.

Prioritize Wants and Needs

Once you have made the decision to purchase a home, it can be tempting to start your search right away without laying the groundwork in regards to location. You may fall in love with a home that feels perfect for you and your family only to move in and realize that you absolutely regret the neighborhood and area that you chose.

Everyone is different with varying needs and wants in regards to the home and area they choose. The first step in choosing a home and location is to prioritize your needs and wants. Below is a list of important factors that go into the locale of a home:

  • Budget- different areas have different price tags. The top priority for most home buyers is to research the best area that fits within your price range is the primary focus for most.
  • Proximity to Work- try out the potential commute before buying a home to ensure it is one you can live with!
  • Schools- look at both primary and secondary education options.
  • Suburb or Rural- do you prefer seclusion or close proximity to shopping, entertainment?
  • Neighborhood- are you looking for a family friendly area, close to parks? Or a lively scene in the city? Research crime rates and spend time driving/walking around the area to really get a feel for the vibe. Even meet potential neighbors!
  • Hobby and Leisure Activities- what do you do for fun or to relax? Finding a home in close proximity to your hobbies (hiking, restaurants, shopping, cinemas) is important to most home buyers.

Once you have prioritized what factors are most important to you in relation to location you can start working from the top of the list to the bottom. For most, budget is the first place to start, pin down a few areas that you can afford and start researching the next priority on your list. If that is the commute, locate every area that fits within your budget and commute. Keep going down the list until you have found one or two neighborhoods that fit your criteria, then begin looking for your perfect home! A real estate agent can be an enormous asset with a wealth of knowledge regarding up and coming neighborhoods and demographics.

Posted: April 12th, 2017 @ 12:00am by Amber