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Online Real Estate and Mortgage Courses
Online Real Estate & Mortgage Education
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Why Take A Pre-Exam Practice Course?May 10th

Mortgage and Real Estate Courses provided by Praedo offer the opportunity of continuing education and further ones career in the mortgage and real estate field. These courses one must prepare for, in doing so, you may take the SAFE Exam Review Tutorial. Read Full Article

SAFE Act of 2008 April 27th

The Secure and Fair Enforcement for Mortgage Licensing Act (S.A.F.E Act) was set in place by the government in 2008 and transferred to the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau (CFPB) of administration and enforcement. Read Full Article.

Praedo Institute is the finest mortgage and real estate school in the nation. Your true education partner.

Whether you're starting a new career or renewing or updating your license, Praedo is here to provide the answers you need and the educational resources that satisfy the rigorous demands of every government regulation. 

As a real estate school, Praedo Institute offers courses in real estate continuing education, broker pre-licensing, sales agent pre-licensing, contractor’s continuing education, and more.

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Praedo Institute offers mortgage courses for SAFE pre-licensing, SAFE continuing education, SAFE exam prep, Preparation Lending Manager, and more.

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I found the material to be just right - Very good training and the course was just what I needed. Addy A., Happy Praedo Alumni
I was surprised by how well prepared I was based on the material in the course. I wouldn't change a thing. Denise P., Happy Praedo Alumni
I didn't notice anything that wasn't covered. I felt very prepared. Ainsley C., Happy Praedo Alumni
I felt the course fully prepared me for the test. Robert C., Happy Praedo Alumni
After 13 years of being in the industry this was the best online continuing ed I have ever done. I highly recommend this company. If you got an an answer wrong it actually showed you the correct answer. It is amazing how many courses don't show you the answers you get incorrect. Thank you Colton W., Happy Praedo Alumni
From start to finish the site was very easy to navigate through. Unlike most others the slides do not freeze. I would highly recommend Praedo. Cody P., Happy Praedo Alumni
Praedo Institute was very user friendly and completely geared to the "online" user. I not only benefitted from the experience educationally, I found them to be an excellent and reasonable provider whom I would recommend without reservation. Edward H., Happy Praedo Alumni

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